March 12, 2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳

3 A.M. Revelution

I’m up before the birds

Morning dew on the grass

 Did it rain?

Could have,

Was The Almighty in pain?

One hundred zillion rain drops for one tear of the Almighty when slain.

3 A.M. gives clarity of what’s really going on.

I’m up breathing and my body is strong.

 Everything else is irrelevant

 Doing me is how my days are spent.

It’s always a wrench in the plan of life

It won’t be long

Praying to be someone’s wife.

I hope he’s strong enough to carry my burdens and my cross.

I’m tired of it all.

Need a vacation from myself

I’m about to fall.

Lord, will you catch me if no one else comes to my aid?

In the morning light my problems will fade.

Back to darkness,

I stomp down and press it back to Hell.

Devil you’re ridiculous.

God will prevail in my life.

I hope my words cutts up your empty soul like a knife.

3  A.M. I see my prize right over the bend.

God wouldn’t bring me this far to let it crumble into ash.

Success is a pool and I want to make a big splash.

Cannon Ball! To the rescue

Here comes God to fight my war.

Devil your blind,

But, my God swore,

 with thorns upon his head that you were dead.

3  A.M. and my soul is fed,

 with everlasting life, 

my spirit has a light,

 I may be short my soul is tall in height

Reaching for God on that mountain and cliffs in the sky.

Praying God himself to lift me.

Trying not to fry.

My God!

My God!

3 A.M. I’m talking to you on my knees.

Through my heart.

Your heart is pure.

A love song,

 Don’t get me to start

Your the ultimate poet and author

Devil run and hide

You are the guide.

My hearts is open wide

3 A.M as the sun rise

chirping of Blue Jays and Cardinals,

Life is beautiful a million ways 

whoever says ,Good are the gloomy days

 they are special.

Pastor says pray

One day might be too late.

3  A.M. God is listening.

I know God will  remove all things bad and replace with all things good and bless what I already have.

Work too hard to lose everything.

 I cleanse many times a day without taking a bath.

3 A.M. Can I get close to you, Lord?

Please heal me from all sin.

I know the war is brewing, but God is gonna win.

The devil has given in at 3 A.M.

🌺The Ninth Poetess🌺

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