March11,2021 ❌SpoilerAlert❌ (Writing Prompts)

This is more so actual news than a spoiler alerts🙄 But that’s okay. Until I can properly display the updates here’s a tidbit on what the prompts this week gonna be.

Topic: The Bucket List

Poetry: write a poem as if your living out your bucket list and your journaling your adventures get creative be descriptive and have fun, always🤩

Fiction: write a series of short stories on people living out different bucket list wishes. Each book should be different. Keep them interesting and fun 🤩 can be any genre. Always Have Fun

Non-Fiction: write in your memoir stories about your bucket list adventures. If you don’t have any plan some and document your experience so you can have it for your memoir. Always Have Fun 🤩

Public Service Announcement: The Website/ Blog will be updated as soon as my service is fixed. Sorry for the delay😢🥺

🌷The Ninth Poetess🌷

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