March 11,2021 ❌Public Service Announcement ❌

As I mentioned yesterday my connection is down it is still down as of now it’s 4:07 am I’m praying everything gets handled later today and it’s fix. Like I said I think someone hit a pole and knocked out service. Plus we have been having issues with service anyways. Hopefully 🙏🏾 it’s fixed soon. I’ve been pissed 😠 all day yesterday I had to sleep it off. Updates will be late this week. I do apologize. It’s a snagfoo hopefully it will be fixed and this won’t happen again. We’ve been dealing with this a year or more. Dont let the Unwanteds destroy what’s good in your day or your life. Bask in the goodness and rub it in like lotion. TTYL💓write on✌🏽 Always Have Fun

🌺The Ninth Poetess🌺

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