March 10,2021 The HeartBeats#2💓💓📖✍🏾🤩💪🥊❌🙏🏾🥱✌🏽

Hello there, I hope y’all get this post my connection is down someone hit a pole near by. Hope there okay I’m glad my electricity didn’t go out. But I’m watching Great Courses not Jane Friedman it’s another lady. Might be best. I can focus on the craft tonight. And that’s okay. My day was amazing probably why the damn Unwanteds took the connection. Can’t steal my joy today. I’m soaring on these fools. (The Unwanteds) my aunt and I had a convo today I wish I could have recorded but it’s recorded in my heart forever. The convo was her basically encouraging me to publish something. But I haven’t told her any of my plans for this new found career/ lifestyle I’m about to lead. I loved 🥰 on her so hard. It meant the world to me. This was highlight # 1 Highlight #2 my poem about Alaska is pretty freaking dope. Highlight #3 isn’t writing related but 6am this morning I washed my hair and it’s growing back fast. Spent time cooking and cleaning today. The Daily’s. Spent time posting WOW Wednesday’s and National Poetry PREP Month Update I hope y’all are enjoying the post. Imma tell y’all right now Updates gonna be Later than usual this week 2 reasons. My connection is down to where I can’t research for content and I have no clue on what I want to showcase this week. Normally I just start researching and it comes to me. But I’m incapable to do that now. That’s okay I’ll keep y’all posted I still don’t know if this post gonna work. I’ve been up since 1:30 am It about that time to call some hogs🐖🐷 🤣🤣🤣 you know the sleep is good when you calling them and drooling and carrying on.🤣🤣🤣 . Well let me figure it out( the connection) and prepare for my night TTYL🥰write on✌🏽

🌸The Ninth Poetess🌸

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