March 9,2021 The HeartBeats#2💓💓🥶🥰🤓🥱💪🥊❌

Good evening 🌇 it’s about that time🥱 how was y’all’s day my dear friends? I hope everyone pumped out some great content. I actually enjoyed my poem. It was a relationship poem. I love venting and writing relationship poems🤓I feel like I’m schooling readers. Me included 🙄 I’m very super single. But I get my muse from my past relationships . Plenty of stuff to write about. I could write a 1,000 page poetry book on my past relationships with people alone. It would be an interesting read too.🤓👀 I’m tired like I ran miles today very strange🤔 I’ve journaled and wrote one poem cooked today that’s it. Nothing unusual. My spirit just tired today I’ve had business calls and emails too. Tomorrow I pray 🙏🏾 I feel better I’ve had all the interactions ( business) I need for the rest of the month. Bless It. Well imma lay me down and catch some 💤’s atleast somethings got done today I don’t feel bad about that.☺️TTYL💓write on🤓✌🏽

🌻The Ninth Poetess🌻

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