March 7,2021 The HeartBeats #1💓🥱☕️🥰📖✍🏾🤓✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’ve been up a few hours. I’m trying to capture the day. I have an agenda and mission for the day family. I’m going to outline the rest of this month with poems to write. And rewrite “Why Warfare Pt#1” I’ve posted the second poem already y’all may have to purchase the book I’m gonna put this new poem in if you want to read the whole thing. Haven’t decided that yet. I have a lot of bad relationship poems and abuse poems I want to post but I’m perplexed about it I may just save them to be published in a book. I’ve been finding the ideas I’m giving y’all is a bright light in my craft. Don’t think for one second I’m not taking heed to this info. I’m along on this journey. I’ve posted Possibly Poetry Or Short Story 2 poems Possibly? LOL 😆 well I’ll be back later to let y’all know how my day going. Tackle today💪🥊 ❌ K.O . The Unwanteds (*not physically ) Meditate and work on your writing craft. You’ll be surprised what kind of work comes out.🤩 I’ll talk to you later my dearest HeartBeats and Friends 💓 🥰write on🤓✌🏽

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