March 6,2021 National Poetry PREP Month Update🥳

Good Morning ☀️😎 yesterday I did my research on some self publishers for my creations after they are finished and I absolutely fell in love with one of them. I’m not a affiliate they not paying me I’m not published with them yet I’m just a fan of what they offer authors. Who I’m speaking of is. “” Every self publishing company has its perks and purpose draft2digital is just one that I’m a fan of. It’s so many publishing companies out there Go to and lookup self publishers and explore your options.Well HeartBeats and Friends 💓 TTYL 🥰Enjoy your writing weekend 🤓write on✌🏽

*Disclaimer : Do your research. Don’t only take my word for it.

Enjoy your Writers Journey 🤓💓write on✌🏽

🌷The Ninth Poetess🌷

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