March 6,2021 National Poetry PREP Month #2 🥳🥳

Hello Y’all!!! I’m so excited for what’s to come. I have been having fun looking for images for my cover designs. Please take a minute and go to http:/ search “free images” and so many companies pop up including one I’ve had on the Website/Blog “” but they have so many others worth looking into in the search. Also, for all your book polishing needs will get you together. is also worth looking into for your book polishing needs. Do your investigations to see what the best fit for you. Reedsy has a YouTube Channel on the writing craft worth checking out they are always very informative and educational. I just thought I may add a couple of tidbits with today’s Updates. Please check these links and ideas out. Always have Fun TTYL🤓💓write on✌🏽

Disclaimer: Do your research. Don’t only take my word for it.

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