March 6, 2021 The HeartBeats #1💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🤓

Top of the morning 💓🥰 today I’m staying off the news local and national it’s too much on my spirit. Need a break/a pause. Keep positive vibes today. 🤩I will be posting a National Poetry PREP Month Update today y’all may want to check it out. Today I will be working on May writing schedule.I finished April’s schedule yesterday 🤓I think I love Preparing writing prompts for each day. It’s a propeller leading me on my journey, just another tool I can use for my craft. Try it out and see if planning your poems ahead/ outline will benefit your craft 🤓 Later I will let y’all know how my day went and what I’ve worked on and maybe what I’ve watched on YouTube writing craft related. Well HeartBeats 💓tackle today🥊💪 and create something fantastic don’t let the Unwanteds bother you. ❌ imma take a pause. TTYL💓write on🤓✌🏽

🌸The Ninth Poetess🌸

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