March 5,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳

Good morning, Three poems today. I hope ya’ll enjoy. TTYL HeartBeats & Friends💓 write on✌🏽

Layers Of Many 🥔 🧅🍌🍋

Peel me like a potato

See the white meaty flesh

In its purest form.

Dice it up in pieces of me

To feed the masses

Peel me like a lemon

To get closer it may hurt

If you’re cut.

Pucker up 

Sour is the heart from which 

My life fell apart.

Peel me like a banana

Sweet as sugar

Feeling stronger than 

The Santa Ana winds.

Blow me away

Catch me 

So that i can stay

Peel me like a onion

Layers to make you cry

Like you got shot with a gun

Cutting aint no fun

I don’t want none

I want to see the sun.

Tears like rain

Drops like pain

Feeding produce veins

‘Until it’s time to be slain

Feed the needy

Don’t be greedy

Layers of you and me

Will make a masterpiece

-The Ninth Poetess-

Pounds Down 💪 🥊

It takes leaps and bounds to lose the pounds

It’s not too late to lose the weight

Raw veggies here and there

Drinking water everywhere

See my gallon jug?

Do you even care?

Weigh me once weigh me twice

Two pounds down a day would be nice

Have to document

Don’t know what to say

A happy face will suffice.

Stay on track

Exercise more

Stretch standing up

It’s hard to get my big butt off the floor

Take a walk

Don’t go alone

Cut back on watching t.v. and talking on the phone

Eating pizza pies and cookies I don’t condone.

Stomach smaller

Cant eat alot

Trying to get my stomach flatter

This summer Imma be H.O.T.

Slim down

Get up

Surgery is how I pressed my luck

Weight fly by

Don’t want to die

Life changed through my eyes

Pounds down?

 That’s why.

-The Ninth Poetess-


Water , the liquid to our existence

Wind blowing hard and fast

It’s very persistent

Flooding everything, everywhere

Including my heart

All things fall apart

Right from the very start.

Mother of the universe

Please cut a check

Reimburse what’s lost

Your heavy winds gave my home a toss

Your tears showed the land who’s boss

Don’t never want to come across,

Hurricane !

Hurricane came from your pain.

Let me buckle down or I could be the next one slain

Is it coming from your ocean?

Or is it rain?

Hailing Tornado strength winds 

knocking down my window panes.

Water rising

Nowhere to go

Can’t swim a lick

It’s moving fast not slow

Can’t fathom dying

Hoping someone save me now

Gulping down more water than air

Can’t swim

Praying God show me how

Natural disaster

It’s natural to die.

Don’t know how long I can do this

Sinking into the abyss

When he showed up

My angel gave me a kiss.

On the other side

Now I see where the hurricane came from

Beauty beyond words 

 Why Me !

I was living my life so lovely

Wasn’t ready

Thought God left me

Never!  No more hurricane

Belting on my window pane

Hurricane Taking my life

Now I’m slain

Heaven is what I gained.

-The Ninth Poetess-

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