March 3,2021 The HeartBeats#3💓💓💓🥰📖✍🏾🥱🌅

I’m back…. today has been very productive for me. I’ve posted WOW Wednesday’s, finished writing up Updates for tomorrow and worked on National Poetry Month schedule. Somebody slow me down imma roll right up out my house shoes!!!! I’m on a major roll!!!LOL🤪🤣 🤓 hopefully I keep this pace for a while. I hope you all been enjoying the post and ideas I’m sharing for National Poetry Month. We need a community like http://nanowrimo.orgfor us poets and take on the same aspect almost only for Chapbook writing. That would be awesome. I’m not too Tech savvy to develop a site like that and have interactions the way the site does. Maybe someone out there will give it a go? The updates will be up early morning tomorrow. Stay Tuned🤓 everyone enjoy your evenings imma take a pause and come back early morning with updates Imma be in Touch 💓write on✌🏽

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