March 2,2021 National Poetry Month PREP Update🤓📖✍🏾

In the month of March you can start to PREP and research for National Poetry Month in April. So it’s no Question what needs to be done in April and May to get your finished projects. You can Outline your Chapbook, research chapbooks styles and covers and Publishing companies. You can see if author / poets went traditional or self published. Research both avenues even Print On Demand options. Keep a notebook of all your info you receive and guard it, so you can fall back on it. It’s early in the game to jumpstart this Poetic Journey. I’m coming along. Let’s begin🤩🤓📖✍🏾research and write on✌🏽 PS It’s 30 days in April that’s 30 poems perfect for a chapbook, you can even add 650 word short stories. What ever you prefer. Something to think about.🤔🧐

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