February 28,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳


No sugar for the Diabetic in me

Locked up only sugar could set me free

Working out a little at a time seem to work slowly

Trying to work this fat off so I don’t look like a rolly poley

Poking fingers, drawing blood didn’t know it had a number

Glad it does because I could be in an eternal slumber

Organs please don’t fail, too young to die now

Sugar crystalized don’t care who it cuts down

Sitting here bloated feeling like a cow.

If I die before my mom, she’s gonna clown.

Sugarfree everything, can I get sugar free from a bee?

If I could it would be no measuring, sugar just for me. 

I’ll pay any fee.

Just to get something sweet

-The Ninth Poetess-

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