February 27, 2021 The HeartBeats#1💓🥰🥱🎥✌🏽

Top of the morning HeartBeats 💓 🥱I’ve been up for a few hours. My schedule is all over the place but it’s okay it works for me. It’s nice and quiet and relaxing this morning imma be surfing YouTube after this is posted. I haven’t been on YouTube in a while. My sugars are still dropping it not in the danger zone but I’m sitting here perplexed. These pills I’m on is some powerful stuff. My body been going through it. Hot cold chills shakes nausea ( Not Covid) Atleast I Don’t Think. I haven’t been nowhere but the Doctor office and that was a week ago. I know it’s not ( Covid) Last week while I was running errands doing Daily’s I picked up a fish sandwich 🐟that was pretty freaking dope🤩😋 it must have been good I’m still talking about it. If you want to know where I got my fish sandwich 🐟 from go to my contacts and email me. It’s from a franchise atleast I think it’s global I’m not sure. Yesterday I slept all day and it felt good too. Only thing is I wasn’t productive. But I think my energy will come back once my sugars stay regulated and it’s in a safe zone now as of this morning. Bless It I knew my sugars would come down on it’s own. The doctors was trying to put me on a shot it wasn’t insulin it’s something else I feel that would have taken me out of existence. Only because it dropped so fast on its own. I did some research and saw someone survived a super high sugar level that was out of this world. My little elevated numbers is peanuts compared to what they went through. And they survived. Thank Goodness. That’s why I knew I could get my numbers down on my own. Bless It. I just want to thank everyone who comes and stop by and checks on me. Y’all are Rock Stars🤩 🥰💓Bless y’all y’all are freaking dope. I hope you enjoy the content each week. Y’all keep me going. Well let me get to my YouTubers we all have our favorites, don’t we? I’ll TTYL my beautiful friends. Enjoy your weekend 💓☀️🌈🥱🙏🏾write on✌🏽

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