February 25,2021 The HeartBeats#2💓💓🥰🥱

Good evening friends 🥰 Today was very productive. I wished I could have had a nap that would have been over the top . I did some work in writing my personal cookbook I probably won’t publish this just personal record and maybe for family when it’s my time to go. ( Not to be Morbid) I find it’s easier to write the recipe out the day the meal was cooked. Tomorrow I’m cooking Firecracker Sweet Potatoes with the leftovers I cooked today. I do intermittent fasting so whatever I eat gotta be good and filling and I’m trying to fill up on veggies. I watched Jane Friedman again. She’s very educational. Imma take a pause and come back tomorrow. Please enjoy y’all’s evening TTYL🥰💓🥱✌🏽write on

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