February 25,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳🙏🏾

Butterflies In The Skies🦋☀️🌈

As night becomes day

The butterflies wake up

They flutter away

The morning dew

All together as a crew

One let loose as the wind blew

Filling the sky,like smoke

Can barely see through

On a mission

Only GOD knows what

Nature is a kitchen

Careful because their lifespan cut

Have to mate

Romance short and thick

No time for sweet nothings in the ear

In due time they fall out the sky


Back to the drawing board in the heavens

Keeping their wings

They only get seven

Lucky are the days 

they grace this place here

Beautiful is the view

Powerful is the cycle

It makes life and death so clear.

-The Ninth Poetess-

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