February 20,2021 The HeartBeats#1💓☀️✍🏾📖📓🥱🥰✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’ve been up since 7 am had my coffee still groggy. Hopefully this coffee kicks in. Today is gonna be a great day I can feel it. 🤩 I’ll be working on WIPS. I have a book that shows you how to write short stories I want to read because I have a lot of titles and ideas I want to get out . Are they all short story material I do not know until I brainstorm more on them. I have to find this book or imma have a conniption I’ve been looking the last 3 days . For the most part imma be working on my poem titles I’ve listed. I need to give that a name. Maybe The List that’s so Plain Jane. 😂 how about “The WIP List” because it’s exactly that. That sounds a little better what would you call yours? Are you all keeping track of your word counts? You can chart it on a Excel program like WORD or Drive. Google Drive Is FREE just need a account. And you can chart more than one WIP on a chart page and you can have more than one page and separate your WIPS by genre. You want overall counts and words today. With words today I do a lot of subtracting because I don’t get that number right away. I leave it blank till it accumulates. Coffee is kicking in I’m just cold and don’t want to get from under the covers. But I need to start thy day maybe I can crank out 2 or 3 poems today. 🤩that’s my Goal. Hopefully it’s in the cosmos. Well imma take a pause and come back later and tell y’all what I’ve been working on. Everyone get y’all WIPS together and go hard🤩🥰💓. I’ll TTYL 💓✌🏽write on

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