February 13, 2021 The HeartBeats #2 💓💓 🥰✍🏾📓🥳

Good evening everyone 🥰 I have fantastic news The love poem is finished. Tomorrow it will be up maybe sooner than you all think. It’s not all too much gushy but it it’s how my heart feels this year . This moment. Some content in the poem is there to fill in space some is heartfelt from me don’t judge me too harsh. I’m glad my mind has been on other things. It’s seems like the Unwanteds rule the world us peasants live in. Who wants to partake in the reality of it all? I don’t !!! That’s why I checked out today. With that being said what I just said was poetry. But very much real. And what if where we all lived was like kingdoms and distant lands like our grand ancestry. How would this history write? They damn sure trying to making us feel like we shouldn’t want better if we don’t know any better. They don’t want us to know better. Trying to keep us blind in daylight. This the most imma talk about this or get any of my energy. It’s perplexing. And my life has to be better than venting on this. They want our lives consumed by this and I refuse. It’s just has had my chest in knots. But I’m okay I’m just glad I finished thy Poem🥳 I’m celebrating because of that. Well dear friends I’m gonna take a pause until I update Possibly Poetry Or Short Story early morning maybe around midnight I don’t know. Don’t quote me. I’m so excited I want to post it now . 🥳 TTYL HeartBeats 💓 stay warm stay safe& keep writing ✍🏾🙏🏾💓write on.

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