February 11,2021 Updates Are Up🥳🥰💓🥱✌🏽

The weekly updates are up on the site. Do enjoy . This week going so fast I wanted yesterday to be Tuesday. I’m a couple days behind. The only thing keeping me up to date is this Blog. Yesterday didn’t go as planned. I need to stop planning and just do. I’ll try again today. I may be back on here later than usual today. Maybe after I work on my love poem I’ll let all of you know how it turned out. Who I love is complicated. Their not married or anything or not even in another relationship with someone else. It’s just circumstances keeping us apart. Don’t know if I should include that in the poem. I should . I know I should. I have some work ahead of me getting all that out. Well my HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and see if I can get up at a decent hour today. I’ll TTYL 💓🥰🥱✌🏽write on.

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