February 10, 2021 The HeartBeats #1 💓 ☕️✍🏾📖🥰✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone🥰 I’ve been up a few hours. Still drinking coffee and cooking lunch/ brunch breakfast not traditional today. I’m in a Grand Mood today, I’m in Good Spirits. My issue has resolved itself and I feel good 🤩 The Almighty is a miracle worker he’s still on the job. Amen 🙏🏾. He will work it out for sure. Today imma do some meditation and get in the zone to work on WIPS but it will be after I cook and eat my meal. I’m on a Mediterranean diet again. So I had to give up pizza 🍕 and few other snacks and dishes I’ve been eating and shouldn’t have. My drs gonna have a conniption fit on me if I don’t do right. So I’m on a health journey again for life. Back on the right path. 🥰 I’ve started working on this love poem and it has me perplexed. You’ll see what I’m talking about Saturday or Sunday on Possibly Poetry Or Short Story . Oh and I think Valentines Day is Sunday so I did pick the right Writing prompt for the week. *Sneak Peek: Poetry Prompt this week is “Catching Vibes” I’ll go more in detail Thursday or Friday. But to get a jumpstart for that special someone’s poem for Valentines Day here’s the Word Prompt for you to start your masterpiece. Well let me take a pause and start my day I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday TTYL 🥰✍🏾📖✌🏽write on.

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