February 9, 2021 The HeartBeats #2💓💓 ☕️🥱✍🏾📖🥰

Hello good afternoon my friends🥰 I’ve been up a couple hours I need to start my day if I can. Tomorrow is WOW Wednesday’s I hope you all enjoy who and what I have in store. I’m not in the greatest moods these days. I got a issue that needs resolving and it’s really bothering me. I almost didn’t make this post my attitude and mood is just in disarray at this moment. And I’m tired of it. I’m almost spiting mad 😡. I’m doing my best to keep myself calm and patient and hoping the issue will work itself through. and Covid not helping my issue none. Just irritating. They probably should have went by households and age and severity of ongoing illnesses. Because my aunt has issues with her lungs and we stay in the same house we aren’t close in age. I don’t want her catching nothing and I don’t want to catch nothing we need the vaccine at the same time but it’s probably not gonna work that way. And that’s not even the problem at hand I’m worried bout that’s just a sample of my issue.but I ain’t gonna worry about it. This blog and website is my happy place🥰💓 I need to imagine I’m in a distant land such as Bora Bora looking at clear blue oceans 🌊 warm weather in shorts and flip flops 🩴 drinking daiquiris working on a WIP I need to be in that moment. Never been there would be nice. That’s a good idea for the day. Imagine you somewhere else so you can get in the zone to work on your WIP Anywhere delightful you want to be. Well my battery gonna run out. I’m may or may not do another post today so I may talk to you guys and gals tomorrow. Do enjoy your Tuesday 🥰TTYL ✌🏽stay warm stay safe& keep writing ✌🏽🥰💓write on

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