February 9, 2021 The HeartBeats#1 💓🥱✍🏾📖📓🙏🏾🥰

Today I’ve made some changes on post and website. I’ve removed a poem. But don’t fret it will be more to come. *But I want to say this, Not all my poetry is of real events most is fictional. Poems up now and my future poems are Based on true and abstract,Fiction or Abstract or Distorted To be relatable to someone if not myself. So don’t take every word I say as verbatim as this is what I went through personally maybe someone else has and I’m trying interpret that. I just feel I don’t want to explain thyself After or before each poem trying to defend myself and the poem. Worst feeling in the world. If not the worst it one of the worst to defend yourself and your craft and being your own worst critic. That’s the worst. I just felt a certain way about it. So the poems I share are abstract but fiction not real some some could be real and twisted in areas. When I write I just go. By feeling by emotion by passion by anger by pain. I don’t ever want to be questioned or asked about my work in a negative light because of the content for heavens sakes that would cripple my craft. And this platform and my writing is all I have. So I hope I don’t have to sensor anymore than I’m doing because I feel I’m doing the most right now. I will be doing my best to be tasteful that’s as good as I can get.I just don’t want to get checked on my own dang website for my craft my creative mind. That can destroy someone when their world is already fragile. Awful wouldn’t wish that on no one. So to all my HeartBeats💓 I’m rocking with y’all till the wheels fall off this thang hopefully all 4 wheels on good this is a check up🙄🤣 and to the new viewers I would love to have you I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m as real as you can get on here mistakes and all. My blog and website is all a WIP🙄*. This will be posted on the website in a little while I need to take a pause. 🥱 I may be up later than usual today I don’t know. Imma TTYL ✌🏽 stay warm stay safe& keep writing ✍🏾 📓🥱🙏🏾💓 PS I say this because how I write is freaky at times. I have a poem that reads like a urban fiction or gangster flick on how the dialogue is in the poem. Not till the tale end of the poem the person initiating the story actually having a nightmare off spicy food and cops & robbers shows😂 this is how I write. I just come up with stuff. Some poems may even seem like it’s from a male point of view and I’m a woman . In this particular poem I think that this was showed. I’m too scared to post it I don’t know what all the clauses are on WordPress. I don’t want my poem to incite anything. Until I find out or a little birdie can school me I will take a pause on posting it. But I figure it’s a zillion thrillers mystery urban fiction sci fi and fantasy novels my little poem ain’t doing nothing .TTYL✌🏽 🥰

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