February 8,2021 The HeartBeats #1 💓 ☕️🥰✍🏾🥱✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone, 🥰 how was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was more productive than mines. I haven’t been feeling the greatest these days and today I’m still fighting through it. I hope all of you enjoyed “ Possibly Poetry & Short Story” this is a new week I know all of you gonna enjoy. This is the lovers month so I got something for the lovers this week. I probably should have saved this content closer to Valentines Day 💓 but it’s all good. Ive had my coffee today and it was so yummy 😋 I’m debating on what I want today I know tomorrow is Taco Tuesday 🌮. I may have some soup today is a good day for soup. Thought about making Great Northern Beans and cornbread but that’s a Sunday meal. Soup will be good today. Today I’m just gonna go for it. Jump in and do whatever today. Once I speak on it the Unwanteds come back and jinx my plans. But we all know my mission. I’ll be working on this weeks Possibly Poetry & Short Story Entry I was trying to do it over the weekend but my weekend was blah 😒 nothing got done I was lucky to have post and updates. Well let me get my day started. Have a wonderful Monday friends. 🥰 TTYL stay warm stay safe & keep writing 🥰✍🏾📖💓✌🏽write on.

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