February 4,2021 Website is Updated🥳🤩✍🏾🥰

HeartBeats 💓 the site is ready for viewing. Later today is WIP WIP WIP Time I hope you enjoy this weeks prompts and blog topics. I tried to make it different. Today I’m not even journaling. I get hung up on journaling and get sidetracked from even starting my WIPS so imma take a break or journal late at night I don’t know how imma do this really. Imma just jump in. Something will get done. I’m doing the Sweet Sixteen Poetry Word Prompt. Imma post it to the blog and site Sunday so stay Tuned In for that. I’m making a poetry collection of all the poems I’m posting from the weekly word prompts. I suggest you all should attempt the word prompts and create your own collections. Have Fun With It. Jazz it up how you want it. Well let me take a pause and come back sometime later today with The HeartBeats 💓. TTYL ✌🏽🥰🙏🏾🥱write on

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