February 1,2021 The HeartBeats#1💓🤩🥰✌🏽📓🥱✍🏾 Happy Black History Month✌🏽🥰

Hello everyone its God awful early yet. But I refuse to over sleep and if I get the urge to wake up after I’ve been sleep a while I’m just up up. No more migraines and vertigo for me. It was Hell I say. The Unwanteds. Well over the weekend I debuted a couple of my WIPS and a word prompt exercise. I have came up with a frequency of when imma post Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. On Celebration Sundays I may even work in the weekly prompts exercises into my WIPS and do them with you. I think that’s lit 🔥 as the kids say. And I’m just a couple weeks older than the kids🙄😂. I hope you all are enjoying the content I’m trying to keep it fresh. Who enjoys kombucha? Ever so often I need my fix. I drink it like koolaid🙄😂. Can’t get enough. I don’t care bout benefits health behind it that’s all a plus just give me my tingles😂 my tastebuds be poppin. And calorie count is low too a plus. I have a day of doing some daily’s and working in my journal. I hate planning. But I think today plans will be fulfilled. I’m not in pain or sluggish and carbs only make me feel that way. Sometimes carbs can be a unwanted. The wrong carbs can. Well HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and get my news fix so I can leave the news alone the rest of the day. Imma TTYL🥰✍🏾📓🤩🥱✌🏽stay safe stay warm & keep writing ✍🏾✌🏽🥰write on.

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