January 31,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰✍🏾☕️🤩📓

Good morning everyone. I’ve found a way to have coffee. Bless it and I’m up preparing to journal. It’s been a quiet night thank goodness. A blessing And I feel today gonna be an awesome day. It’s Stirfry Sunday so you know it’s going down at lunch 😋. Maybe I’ll enter that recipe today in my journal. Yes, great idea. My good friend and mentor told me to go to this site that I’m not sure I can mention because it could be a competitor to WordPress. But she said I can post there and WordPress too. Imma see if I can mention the site maybe I’ll have on a WOW Wednesday or something. I feel so much better since I detox of salt the last couple days intermittent fasting and drinking water and today imma be getting all kinds of veggies in. I do a several things to try and stay healthy🤩 this is just a couple listed. This morning going super fast it was just 5 am 2 minutes ago🙄🥱 I’ve had my coffee I’m up now I guess it don’t matter how fast it’s going the whole dang month went fast. Well HeartBeats 💓 let me start my day I hope you all have a wonderful blessed day. Oh the new post imma start “ Possibly Poetry Or Short Stories” that’s coming sooner than you all think. Let me Get settled and my day started it may be up today or no later than tomorrow. It also may come with word prompts. I’ll post an update when its up. Imma post on the Website first. Imma take a pause I’ll be back later. TTYL ✌🏽🥰✍🏾📓write on

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