January 31,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Day#1🥰✍🏾

Hello my friends come on in. I updated the website with 2 of my poems today so head on over and check it out on the Website:Blog you have to scroll all the way down. I said I would post poems here too. That’s difficult at the moment so bare with me. I’ll figure it out. But right now my poems are on the website. I hope you all enjoy. It’s also a word prompt attached to it as well. Do have fun🤩✍🏾🥰 TTYL ✌🏽 write on

I figured something out and Now I can post them on here too. The website and here

Old Age Is…1

Old age is a warm bowl of Cream of wheat.

Gumming the thick substance

Wondering how did I get this way.

I took care of myself, now I’m using 

A walker racing down the nursing home 

halls to the restroom.

I should have had kids

 I wouldn’t even be here

Lonely the act of being alone,

hurts me deep inside.

I guess family didn’t love me enough

 To take me in.

Watching my spouse, friends 

and family all pass away

makes me ask, did God forget about me?

I want to go home too.

Each morning I wake up and say Damn!

He didn’t beam me up through the night.

If these C.N.A.’s gives me a chance

I just might O.D.

No one will miss me.

No one listens to me

I’m always wrong

My life has been prolonged

Old is a cold bowl of cream of wheat

Cold as my body one Sunday morning

Sitting on a tray next to my bed as a 

Robin sings my eulogy on my window pane.

What did my family and I have to gain

All I know that my heart is in no pain.

-Ninth Poetess-

Old Age is …2

I have lost my hair and teeth

 gumming a bowl of Cream of Wheat

I tell the nurses to heat up

my prune juice because it’s the only thing 

I get sweet. 

Range of Motion exercises

Beach balls galore

I tell the nurse to lock my wheelchair in 

Or that ish would just let me hit the floor.

B-I-N-G-O ! Bingo I scream.

My winnings I redeem

Just a candy bar 

Cookies and Cream

I lost everyone I love 

Don’t pity me 

Im the only one left

I’m to stubborn to leave 

All I have is myself.

-Ninth Poetess-

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