January 28,2021 Updated Website HeartBeats 💓 Enjoy🤩✍🏾🥱🙄

Well today maybe between yesterday I don’t know but somehow I got week 4 half done I just have to do The Prompts and Fantastic Fiction Finds then I finished updating the website all in the same tank of gas ⛽️ LOL like I’m a car or something That’s hilarious 🤣 funny 😆 I’ve been up so long I’ve forgot when I got up so with that being said imma take a pause till tomorrow and I may be late on here tomorrow maybe it depends. I sleep too long I get migraines so we will see. I’ll TTYL HeartBeats 💓 stay warm stay safe & keep writing ✍🏾🥱💓✌🏽write on

PS I Figured out my writing Schedule for content 2 weeks on 2 weeks off . The weeks off I can solely focus on my WIPS and I need that I should be able to finish 4 weeks content in 2 weeks more than enough time if I put Foot to Tail. In so many words.🙄 Let me get to bed before I don’t go. I catch insomnia real quick. Goodnight friends Talk to y’all in the morning or afternoon. – The Ninth Poetess-

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