January 27,2021 W.O.W. Wednesday’s website is Updated Heartbeats 💓🥰🤩 ✍🏾check it out

Hello my friends this week is more so of a resource or writing/ reading tool than trivia . I came across this site called BookSeries and it reminded me of a site I’m using for one of my post ( website updates) that I do on Thursdays or Fridays. But it’s slightly different. It’s a helpful site if your trying to read a series in order or your trying to find a missing book to a series. But I do remind you collaborate your research don’t just rely on one source and that’s with anything. Well my HeartBeats 💓 it’s early yet I still have The Heartbeats 💓 to do today but it’s God awful early yet. Imma take a long pause and be back later today. TTYL ✌🏽 stay warm stay safe & keep writing ✍🏾🤩🥰✌🏽write on

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