January 26,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 ðŸ’“🤩🥰✍🏾✌🏽

Good afternoon everyone. I’m dealing with a migraine and a thorn in my side another headache. My neighbor . She claims my mother who’s deceased said she can use our driveway to walk up to her house. We have our own yard people that takes care of our walk way and drive way she’s complaining about them but this is how nice they are they took care of her walk way today . And they said they never touched her property . When my mom was alive she treated her as a servant or somebody. My mom use to take her to the grocery store while she spent hours in there conversing with everyone she passed and my mom at this point was under going chemo she would sit in her car waiting for this selfish thoughtless-woman she is a lousy piece of you know what. She better not call my relatives phone again complain about nothing going on over on my property. Her yard is atrocious. Over grown this year imma call the city to take care of it. Can’t even see to back out the driveway can’t see up the street just a trifling yard . But she got the nerve to complain about us. Sorry about venting this isn’t book or writing related maybe it could be. Might be an exercise to write about an unruly neighbor real or fictitious Unwanted neighbor. Neighbor could be doing anything unruly. This type of stuff make me wish I had several million dollars for a log cabin to be built in the countryside. We also had an unruly shooting that happened less than 20 feet from our door step couple months ago. So you know I’m still frazzled about that. And I wish I was on that countryside right now. Sad to say it’s the price I pay living in the inner city and poor. I just pray things gets better. And it really has quieted down a lot . Bless It. 🙏🏾🥰 but I guess I’ll get up and make my tacos my favorite is soft shell it’s the best😋🤩 I be giving those taco joints a run for their money LOL 😂 well my HeartBeats 💓 thank you for your listening ear while I vent about my unruly unwanted neighbor that’s gonna get better too. I think our yard people know how to handle her😁 hehehe. She needs to chip in $ clean up ain’t free clean her own damn yard stop worrying about what happening over here TTYL stay warm stay safe& keep writing ✍🏾☀️🤩🥰✌🏽 write on

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