January 25,2021 The HeartBeats 💓✍🏾🥰☀️

Good morning HeartBeats 💓 it’s gonna be a great day to write ✍🏾🥰 right now I’m doing some daily’s making breakfast baking some biscuits eggs cheese coffee ☕️ breakfast of champions. Yesterday didn’t go as planned. Maybe it did It got me having an idea on one of my WIPS I Haven’t worked on in a long time. I watched this new sci fi action packed movie called “Outside The Wire” I think that’s the name of it . It’s on Netflix I watched the whole movie and it seemed kind of long but it kept me entertained the whole time. It’s a pretty dope film. Gave me ideas on this book I’m writing. I hope today I have a more productive day but yesterday I’m using as research watching the movie 🎥 I may have this movie on coming to the stage this week so don’t be surprised. I think I need to stop planning because God’s plans is in effect Always and he out ranks me. LOL 😂 just know if something is missing or skipped it wasn’t in the cosmos to be done so don’t fret. Well my dear friends I hope you all have a beautiful day ☀️🤩 get your coffee or orange juice and do your daily’s and get back to the best thing on earth , that’s right you guessed it the writing craft! TTYL stay warm stay safe & keep writing ✍🏾🤩🥰💓write on.

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