January 23,2021 The Heart Beats 💓🥰✌🏽✍🏾🤩☕️

Good afternoon everyone I hope you all are enjoying your day. It’s a great day to start a new story start a new journal start a new book. Start a new blog or website just start something new. I’m battling burnout this week and I’ve just kept going I’m trying to push through. So one thing I’m happy about is this journal I have and my very good friend I have that have many many published books under her belt. She is my motivation. If any of you have heard of Chris Fox and his books on the writing craft, have read or have heard this. He says in so many words “it might be good if you would ask one of your favorite authors (likely who’s writing the same genre your writing in) to be a mentor to you. To take you under their wing” It wouldn’t hurt to try. “Most authors have websites to contact them in their books or websites”in general anyways.You could be besties with your most favorite author and gain priceless information for your own writing career. I’ve listed a Chris Fox book on the Website / Blog some months ago with some other books on writing. (Lifelong Writing Habit: The Secret To Writing Every Day by: Chris Fox) Chris Fox has many books on writing worth getting in your personal library if your a aspiring writer he’s very motivational and educational. Today I plan on finishing next month content and try not to get sidetracked if my mind can focus . Bless it . If I finish I have more time to do other things. Well dear friends , my Heart Beats💓 imma take a pause I’ll be back tomorrow with another post I want all of you to write write write. Stay warm stay safe and keep writing ✍🏾💓🥰🤩✌🏽write on. PS look for Chris Fox on Amazon type (Chris Fox write faster write smarter) that’s his on writing series he’s also a fiction author. Check him out. (What’s On The Radar? Website/Blog)Next week gonna be Chris Fox . So Stay Tuned in. TTYL ✌🏽

5 thoughts on “January 23,2021 The Heart Beats 💓🥰✌🏽✍🏾🤩☕️

        1. Had to delete a post you sent don’t be offended I just go by a different name my pen name now . Ninth Poetess thank you for your compliment on my About Page of the Website you are the Rock Star🤩 love your rhyming skills what a creative way to use your craft.AwesomeTTYL – Ninth Poetess-

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