January 21,2021 The Heart Beats💓☕️🥱✍🏾✌🏽🥰

It’s pretty freaking early yet. I’m up because I couldn’t get back to sleep which is fine. The website is updated I feel accomplished for the day. Now I can work on next months content. I’m on week 3 I think. This weeks YouTube Find is Carnaval . The link is a list of Carnaval videos I was gonna post one but thought maybe you all can choose for yourselves. Carnaval is the Fiction exercise this week. This week is pretty dope I think. I haven’t got up to get any coffee though it does sounds tasty. I make my own iced coffee Concoction it’s so yummy. I’m trying to hold out in hopes I can get a couple more winks of sleep. So with that being said imma take a pause and come back later today my Heart Beats💓🥱 Check the site out. Stay Warm Stay Safe& Keep Writing ✍🏾💓✌🏽🤩🥱Write On PS on the website/blog to see newer content you must scroll waaaaaaaay down to view also that’s where you will find the like button and subscribe option do subscribe we would love to have you.💓🥰

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