The Heart Beats is The Check Ins I just changed the name🥰✌🏽

Good evening everyone I’m dodging the news right now But I Had to give you all some news. I changed the name because someone reblogged one of my post and in realism I shouldn’t of had the button on anyways (I removed it) so I spoke with the person and explained it and they cool 😎 peeps. It’s over. I don’t like the Reblog function now that I know what it does. But if that never happened I wouldn’t have came up with the name for all of you. And I think 🤔 it’s special because you all are keeping me going like a Heartbeat.💓. Anyone reading this post or post from NOW Group period are special to the group and it’s movement. And the Movement is what ever you want from your Writing Grand Journey. Mainly collecting all the knowledge you need to get you there and keep you motivated for the trip. This is my Movement for the NOW Group and for myself personally. I’m on this trip with you Heart Beats 💓. So enjoy everything NOW Group have to offer. And it’s my mission to keep the info fresh and new. Like always I gotta take a pause till morning my friends I got the yawns 🥱 so have a beautiful evening stay warm stay safe & Keep writing ✍🏾 🥱😴🤤. P.S I may read some till I pass out. Maybe That will keep the Unwanteds (negative thoughts) away plus sharpen my craft tool (Brain🧠). I’m still on The Everything Writing Poetry Book and it’s inspiring. TTYL ✌🏽 PEACE

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