January18,2021 Happy MLK Day God Bless Everyone 🙏🏾

I had to delete a important post to the Group To get my post off a site. I don’t like doing that next time imma just report people I work hard like everybody else to come up with content. I’m humbled by the groups growth but I will not tolerate being pirated from. Next time it will be reported. Let people do a small thing then it snowballs into a ish storm. I don’t got time for it and ( im just upset from having to delete my ish and had I known what Reblog can do it would have been disabled at the door) I’m going through enough if you have read January 6,2021 before I deleted it. I will be putting some of that info back up maybe not all in one place. Maybe on the Website instead of this blog/blog. It’s two blogs for me it’s the blog/blog then it’s my Website/ Blog. Weird huh? I’m thinking bout adding to website blog some of the info I deleted so stay tuned in for that if you haven’t seen it if you have look for it anyways imma find a link where you can get that paint chip poetry game and some of the dvds we watched in group at the library 📚 so don’t go no where. It’s just an unwanted issue and it’s handled so far post deleted I vented. Made changes it is okay. This has passed Today New content will be posted. Not quite there yet as too who I want to showcase either Sonia Sanchez or Maya Angelou both are powerful poets I have some research to do. 🧐 well dear friends Less Drama this week Bless It🙏🏾✌🏽peace. I’ll be back when the sun comes up. Enjoy your night or morning where ever you are get rested for the day so you can do the best thing on earth. Write & Create in the meantime stay warm stay safe& Keep writing ✍🏾 Write On🤟🏽💓

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