January 18,2021 Update MLK Day💓🧐 and more news…..

Good evening the Website/Blog is updated with MLK Day Post it’s on Maya Angelou her poems are Timeless and Powerful. I actually cut my own hair today and it’s not half bad. It’s a Baby Afro much healthier now I feel carefree.🤩 now I’m on a new journey with my journal with my hair with my craft with this blog/ website with the group. We on a new journey and I ain’t in no rush just enjoying every moment as it comes. Imma take a pause go get a sweet treat then write in my best friend Thy Journal 📓 and maybe call some hogs ( snoring while sleep)😴🥱🤤 this journal entry maybe long I don’t know.but I shall return tomorrow My Heart Beats Stay Warm Stay Safe & Keep Writing ✍🏾💓Write On

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