January 18,2021 The Heart Beats 🥰💓🤗🤩🥳🙏🏾✍🏾

If you guys and gals don’t mind imma start calling you My Heart Beats. I think that’s pretty dope. All of you keep me going anyways. Top of the morning everyone🥰 I’m not gonna be long on here today imma try not too I have content to work on for all of you. I hope all of u had a blessed night my dear friends. I had a rough night so I slept in a little. Bless It (to be better) today is MLK Day Happy Heavenly Birthday 🎂 to him. Imma stop venting on this blog Lord Knows I want too but I’ve probably said too much already. I want my blog to be a safe place for myself and others so my personal journal/ diary/ maybe memoir is where I have to get it out at. Early this morning I was triggered to express myself please excuse me. I ain’t perfect by any means, but I’m humble. And that a must in this thing we call life. So please take it as a vent session. We all have them. Bless it. My day gonna consist of drinking my coffee concoction doing my research for content and posting it for all your eyes 👀 to see. That’s the mission. So I got some work to do. PS I disabled my Reblog button I don’t like that . So if you want someone else to see the Website/Blog of NOW Group your going to have to find a different way. I hope this don’t inconvenience things too much for you all. Well imma take a pause please with all my heart have a Blessed Productive Laidback Day. I have Work. Stay Warm Stay Safe& Keep Writing ✍🏾 Write On

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