January 18,2021 Happy MLK Day God Bless 🙏🏾🥰#2

I just want to add holidays and months like MLK Day means alot to me I can’t get in to details but it hit close to home the movement he fought for literally. No one should be shorted there lifespan not At all. MLK fought for the simple right to just live. Free from harm. Free from inequities of the world. Free from hatred. Free from murderers and maniacs. ( genocide in the black community on top of racial tensions MLK wouldn’t be happy one bit about that we need him now more than ever.) Who will be that one that will bring this nation this world back together? This nation was built with broken glass pieces we were on our way to becoming something beautiful then the damn Unwanteds For four years governed this country like it wasn’t such a thing as The Constitution and acted as if our forefathers went by the seat of their pants obeying laws written on toilet tissue And didn’t have intellectual people that helped them make important decisions. I’m sure they didn’t act as if they knew it all . They stayed humbled. Long hours went into the constitution . They took their time. Consulted each other and others . They built something that lasted over 400 years in 4 years it crumbled in the US citizens fingertips now a NEW President have to knead and roll out like clay and shape a mask of strength and perseverance that yes America is still breathing yes America still got sense God Gave Us. And yes to so much more on a positive light 💡. Why are People so filled with hate. Where is this fire 🔥 and negative energy stemming from. Lord have mercy God Bless you till the evil unwanted comes out. They are possessed by something I myself am frightened to stand out in the forefront in fear to be chopped down for having a voice ( I’m sure many others feel as I do) and my little voice in this big world is love ❤️ it’s respect for people all that can respect and love me. My love comes easy as long as you can love me back. And I love my fellow man and woman. All shades. MLK represented That love. He instilled it. Well my dear people from all over I still have my Heart Beats to do today and my MLK content imma come up with. I might get a few minutes of sleep I don’t know stay warm stay safe& keep writing ✍🏾 Write On

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