January17,2021 The Heart Beats☕️🥰🥱✍🏾🤗💗🌍🌏🌎

Good Mornings across the world. Hope you guys and gals got your beauty and writing rest. How far are you into your WIP? I would like to know. I’m curious. What are you working on ? what is your story about? you can either post on this message here or go to my contacts if you want to keep it private and just want my eyes 👀 to see it. Yesterday I wrote in my journal for the afternoon then I conked out🥱😴🤤 yes I had the drool!😆 LOL 😂 well yesterday in my journal I decided to list my dishes I want to add. There is 22 dishes including my drink concoctions . I have some work to do. I am overwhelmed. Imma just do one recipe at a time and it will all get done. I was gonna post again yesterday but, I was so sleepy like I really worked hard. Don’t remember nothing really. Well anyways. Today is gonna be a blast. Imma do my journal for a little while then research 🧐 then do some reading. Stay off the TV Tube And if I’m still up maybe work on some poetry. But how my days been set up I’ve been passing out at a certain time. Oh well, just as long as my tail wakes up it’s okay 👍 But I’m thinking it’s my meds that’s knocking me out I need to wait later to take them. Like you guys and gals want to hear about my daily’s? I apologize for the vividness inside my life. Just my small obstacles. You know, the Unwanteds. I may cook stir fry ramen bowl again today it Bangs so hard. Plus I get my vegetables in. Veggies and H2O are Life, know this. Well friends this is the just of my day. I hope all of you have a journal or maybe using a Drive program to write ✍️ your daily’s out everyday daily’s as in your thoughts feelings schedules anything under the sun. It’s everything and anything you want it to be,it’srewarding too. 🤩 well my friends have a wonderful writing ✍️ day today. Good time to explore the website find something interesting and new. It’s early yet I may comeback later today or tomorrow. In the meantime Stay Warm Stay Safe&Keep Writing ✍️ Write On

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