January 17,2021 The Heart Beats #2 🥰🥱🌙✨

Good evening everyone 🌍🌏🌎🤗. Today I got something’s done kind of I cooked my worlds famous ramen bowl. It Banged😋 I journaled a little 📓 and researched🧐 and worked on content. Tried to stay off the TV tube but the news drew me in. The Almighty knows I need to stay away from that. Wasted space in my journal/ diary/ maybe memoir I wrote about this Unwanted History in the making and this is just the clean version on how I’m describing what’s going on if I had to name it. Thank God God gives us another day to try again as people. Imma leave it there in hopes of a better day. 🙏🏾 I’m leisurely watching TV I feel like I’m doing something naughty. 📺 I’m just happy I’m up. It been a great day today . Tomorrow I got some work to do. I don’t have to cook so that won’t take my day and I’m thinking bout adding some new content to celebrate MLK Day I’m debating it. I’m still not caught up this month or next month content. I’m overwhelmed. But some good content will come about. Rest assure. I’ve been thinking about chopping my hair off # THE BIG CHOP I just want to feel free and come into this year growing into my something,something year old self. I haven’t been bald since I was a baby. This is gonna be a real treat. But I’m seriously thinking to do it this week. I have a feeling imma love it too much. This blog is about the life of a writer and even a writing group leader you gonna see some of any and everything right down to the Unwanteds that bother me and this world. Almighty Bless It!!!🙏🏾so I hope all of you enjoy and rock out with me and the group🤟🏽🥰 I’m humbled by all my new followers I thank all of you being interested in what the group have to offer. Anyone who is interested is more than welcomed to join. So come on in.🚪😃 grab a pen 🖊 and pad 📝 or screenshot or print what you need to do the Exercises . Take a weekend and explore the blog site. You will probably lose track of time. It will be a grand feeling. Well imma take a pause everyone imma let you guys and gals enjoy your evening I’ll be back tomorrow in the meantime stay warm stay safe& keep writing ✍🏾 🥱✨🌙🤗

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