January 16,2021 The Heart Beats 🥰☕️🤗✌🏽🙏🏾✍🏾📓

Good Morning My friends🤩🥰 . It’s a blessing just to wake up my day is done anything else that happens is gravy. Bless it. Yesterday I spent time watching my watch later YouTube clips on the writing craft and also surfing http://fiverr.com is the polishing stone to your creations. I will post a little more about fiverr on the blog soon. Go to fiverr and check it out with the link above for now though. You’ll be surprised at what is all included on the site. Today imma work on content for the site. I’ve found some interesting news on a poet that will be showcased next month on WOW Wednesday’s . I hope all of you are enjoying the exercises this week. Imma spend most of my day at work and not leisurely entertaining myself. This morning I spent a couple hours reading a book which was productive then after got sidetracked on the Book. Know what I mean? I can scroll all day like flipping channels and nothing on. But not today not my whole day, because I’ve got work to do. So bless it in the morning and the evening. I got to make sure me and the Almighty on the same page or my list of daily’s will not be attempted and I’ll be on Netflix chilling by my lonely, scrolling . Actually I was watching a documentary on Black cinema it was a series. Very interesting. ( I guess that would be included in research for Coming To The Stage post) When I need to be at work. So prayers 🙏 goes up because work must go down. I get so agitated with self when my day don’t go as planned. But the Almighty been good to let me try again can’t complain too much .Well my friends across the world 🌎 🌍 imma go get my coffee debating if I want some firecracker potatoes or not I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ imma take a pause I may come back later on today it’s still early yet. In the meantime Stay WarmStay Safe& Keep Writing ✍️

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