January 15,2021 The Heart Beats ðŸ’“🥰✌🏽✨☕️🙏🏾✍🏾

Good morning everyone☺️ each day I’m humbled by Gods Schedule for me. Because what gets done is what’s in the cosmos to get done not what I schedule myself to do. That’s comedy to the Almighty. I be happy with whatever happens in a day anyways truly. Today imma try and finish next month content . I have 2 weeks finished already just about. The website content is updated both pages. It’s lighter on the brain 🧠 Absolutely no Unwanteds LOL 😆 on the site or in our lives. Bless it. Keep the Unwanteds encased in your chosen WIP. Right now imma try and go back to sleep 😴 it’s still hella early yet. I got some thinking 🤔 to do today for next months content. Find some writing sprints on YouTube today use it with this weeks exercises. It’s plenty to choose from on http://youtube.com type writing sprints in and explore which ones you may want to use. Have Fun 🤩 it’s still early I may come back today I may wait till tomorrow I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. In the meantime Stay Warm Stay Safe & Keep Writing ✍️

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