January 14,2021 The Heart Beats 🥰🙏🏾✍🏾✌🏽🤩

Good morning my lovely people.☀️☕️🥰 I actually got up late today. Migraine tried it this morning and I had to get up and move around drink some water I feel better. Today is gonna be a quiet day may do some reading eat some breakfast 🧇 🍳 ☕️ wash dishes you know the “daily’s” yesterday I feel like the day slipped away after 4 pm I was sleep early then got up at midnight went back to sleep at 2 am woke up at 6am my migraine came from sleeping too much probably it’s gone now since I moved around. I learned something new on WordPress this morning if your reading this post and the menu option isn’t above click on the globe🌎 🌏 🌍 the menu should be there and if you click on anything mainly the group name and blog it will take u to the groups website.

I feel groggy yet. Maybe if I eat something I feel better. I would like to be up today longer but I take a prescription that lays me out by a certain time. Bless it. But I do plan on reading today I may skip a day of going to my journal. I feel like my content isn’t there I’ve been journaling everyday faithfully for two months just about I may keep it up and write today but it will be later on. I normally write in the mornings I do struggle heavily with depression anxiety and it’s just the cases of the Unwanteds plus I’m still mourning my mom I don’t think I will ever stop mourning her I’ll be mourning her on my last damn breath. I’m hurt I’m agitated because she’s not here. Its still feels like I’m waiting for her to return from somewhere. Realism she’s not and I’ ll be meeting her next. When God calls me home I’ll be meeting her Next. Not to be morbid this morning but this is the kind of stuff that be on my spirit on a daily. I deal with a lot on unseen issues and some seen issues. But this blog/ website on WordPress make me feel regular and official with all the love 💗 y’all are infused into my heartbeat. I am grateful. Y’all keep me going just like the other positive figures in my life. God Bless. Well let me get up and get my coffee. And get the eye 👁 boogers out my eyes and wash this face of mines and I’ll TTYL ✌️ Stay Warm Stay Safe & Keep Writing ✍️ 🥰☀️☕️🙌💗

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