January 13,2021 The Heart Beats 🥰☀️✍️🥱🙏🏾✍🏾✌🏽

Good Day, Good Day, Good Day everyone around the world.🥰 I just woke up and got some of my coffee concoction. I feel groggy. I went to sleep a little later than usual last night. Happy WOW Wednesday’s. I’m so excited about what I have to share today everyone. I’ve been reading a book on poetry called The Everything Writing Poetry Book I believe it’s Free on Kindle dont quote me.Its a pretty good book that breaks down why someone may want to write poetry to down to the business side of things it’s a easy read that gives you life scenarios you can relate and understand. Wonderful read. I didn’t do much yesterday but I did read and journal I feel like I did something beneficial atleast. Any reading is beneficial for a great writing day. All of us as people need to read more and get off the TV tube 📺 The tube has The Unwanteds in it. Give the tube a rest a couple hours and rest yourself in a interesting read. Today I’m going to post WOW Wednesday’s then get back to my book I’m reading. But first I may journal 📓 even though I’m overwhelmed to write today. I have so many ideas I want to talk about in my journal it’s truly overwhelming imma write something but it won’t be what I have plans on writing about. Literally I’ve been putting off writing my recipes. I only have one I entered My Firecracker Potatoes man is this recipe so good. It takes a regular potato and turns it into something special. I have so many great recipes I’m overwhelmed about it. And my other favorites to include. I’m so full of info I could bust,😂😁 I guess that’s a great thing my mind could be a dry desert. And would be sitting here nursing my muse. So I can’t complain too much. I’m actually thankful today I’m just groggy. Well dearest all across the world imma take a pause I got work to do. I’m post back when I’m finished updating WOW Wednesday’s till then TTYL ✌️ Stay Warm Stay Safe& Keep Writing ✍️🥰☕️☕️☕️

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