January 9,2021 The Heart Beats 💓✍🏾🤗🥰📓

Good morning my friends😁 when you plan on doing something and you think your gonna get around to doing it. I truly believe that’s comedy to the Almighty. Because yesterday I only spent a fraction of my time working on my craft. Good thing I came up with a great poem I decided to put in one of my poetry books. I was so agitated yesterday. If it was a great writing day I could have written 3 or 4 poems wrote in my journal and researched I partially researched but I didn’t stay on it long. My days normal schedule is to write. Or research 🧐 this is what I do. Yesterday was off. An issue got me off course. And I’m just tired of issues at this point. But I guess it wouldn’t be no good if it wasn’t things to hinder . The Unwanteds can go away and sit down somewhere because they are not needed. So today is the same plan. Different day. I need to keep my good vibes today and outwit the ops. Because yesterday was under my skin deep like a boil that getting ready to pop. It wasn’t pretty. Today must be better. So far my morning is good. Every morning starts off this way. Then something F**** it up. So I got to be more smarter more patient than the higher ups. And that’s easier said than done. I just feel like this year is already on a fast start Sunday we will be one and a half weeks in to January 2021. I need to prioritize and get some things in check within real quick so I can function to do what I need to do in my craft. So I can pump these books I’m working on out. And truly it’s no excuses. Just nuisances . And irritants. And realism that ish shouldn’t stop me. But it has a long time. Time to change that. So I’ll be working on that this year. It’s a process. Well let me get off my own soapbox. Everybody has has their Unwanteds and I have mines some is worst than others for people. Mines is just nuisances. Ish that irritate you. Most people can handle that. My heart goes out to those that have worse issues. Especially with everything in 2020 and how this year has started. It has to be difficult. But just like the sun goes down to rest. And comes up to do it best to bless. Sleep it off and wake up in a Grandiose mood and attitude. It’s will be a new day. And a new way. That’s my belief. With that being said imma take a pause I may come back it’s early yet . I may not today. I don’t know. If not I’ll TTYL Stay Warm Stay Safe &Keep Writing ✍️🥰 🔥☀️

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