January 8, 2021 The Heart Beats 💓✍🏾🧐☕️📚

Good Morning Everyone. I just want to drop in and go over what imma do today. Yesterday, I decided to finish posting on the website so you all don’t have to wait for both exercises and blog no longer it’s done. This weeks content is interesting. Be sure to like and follow to get content every week.

My day gonna consist of working on next months content. Really I should work on next weeks. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Imma do some journaling and I may contact some friends just to check on them. Imma designate some time to writing my book ✍️ I don’t know what I call myself doing yesterday I got into researching and time flew. I was sleep so fast yesterday.🥱🤣 hopefully I get more done today I’m starting early enough. Imma do my daily’s and try not to take too long so I can get back to the best thing on earth “The Craft” I say that because the craft can change anybody’s life. The craft can take you anywhere. The craft will be there when no one else is. It’s just you and your pen and pad against all your inequities and pain. It means so much to me. In all of my painful moments I tend to write some of the best stuff I ever wrote. It took years to figure out to pick my pen up while I’m upset, angry feeling a certain way and do my venting through poetry. I’ve always wrote poetry but to use and understand its a pain reliever came years later. Well my dear people all across the world imma take a pause I may come back later on this afternoon it’s still early in the day I don’t know it depends on how busy I get today. Have a beautiful day. Stay warm Stay safe& Keep Writing ✍️ TTYL ✌️

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