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Hello my name is The Ninth Poetess. I write some of everything. Right now my focus is Poetry. This particular book is the first of many. This book is Called ” Lifted Moon: the poems of: The Ninth Poetess” I have a Group called ” The North Omaha Writers Group I’ve started in December of 2018. And a lot has happened since then. From having my one year Anniversary of my Group, Losing my mother to Brain Cancer that stemmed from Breast Cancer and then COVID. I’ve had to find ways to keep my overall mission and platform going. I’ve met some amazing people along the way. And I have gained more followers/members than I have ever dreamed and its still growing. I am thoroughly Humbled for my friends and HeartBeats. HeartBeats because they keep me going. Join NOW GROUP Website. Get all updates and post. Stay Tuned for the New Release. It should be out in a month or 2 don’t quote me as we all know it’s all a process and be on the lookout for my other pages. Get everything from Writing Prompts to whats the latest in the writing community. Ill be in Touch.

What I do:
  • Write Poetry
  • Write Sweet Romance
  • Write Historical Fiction

  • Write Science Fiction
  • Write Spiritual Fiction
  • Blog
  • Read

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Police cars revolving light

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March 28,2021 Merry Sunday 🤩

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Levels of Existence

Heavenly Father, Oh how you’ve made the sunshine down on these golden dandelions

Not a cloud in the sky

Plane glide through

God, looking up to you

This sun hit me like a brick wall.

Not moving

Instilled in me pages from your good book

I am grounded enough to have faith

God made black cats so who should be scared of that?

Respect all faiths,

So you’ll respect your own.

No fear, God is near

Even if I go to Hell and the Devil is on his throne

I will fear no evil

As this world has evil

I will live happily

As happy as babies are born

As happy as marriage bliss

Level out the craziness of this world

Love is what we all miss

Last days are near

Why make them sooner?

Leaders of Nations surging war!

Lord come get them and leave the rest of us

We not ready to go

Bless us who live in love not hate

Give us Nature, Life, and Spiritualness

Only things we need to exist

🟣The Ninth Poetess🟣

Disclaimer: * This is a older poem I’ve written some years ago I’m just adding it in Lifted Moon. This is in reference to the “Leaders of Nations surging war” line. No Wars Now. Knock on Wood.*

April 4,2021 Happy Easter Everyone 🐣🐰💛🧡💚💜

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Alaskan Dreams🐻🐻‍❄️🐋 ⛴ 🦌

On the ocean or the sea

Alaskan Dreams I want to see

Whale watching

Party of 3

Dry me up if they splash me

I don’t know if I can bear two types of bears.

Polar or Grizzly

I’m out of there

From a distance I stare,

At their beauty

Zoo’s isn’t fair

Nature gives them justice

I’m in their lair

Moose in the path, 

big as a truck

Staying out his way

It’s a BUCK!!!

Searching for his mate

It’s there, she awaits

He must fight his nemesis

The things he goes through for a date

Got daylight 24/7

Is it like this in Heaven?

Does this mean no sleeping?

Nothing gets past me

No sense in creeping

It’s hunting season

It’s Game I season

Smothered in my pot

Gravy thick, piping hot

To finish with the sky

A glow psychedelic like I’m high

As the mountains and the galaxy 

Came to visit

Little ol’ me

Alaskan Dreams

🟡The Ninth Poetess🟡

April 9, 2021

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

The Modern Day Slave

The Modern Day Slave is the color of the rainbows

When you don’t get paid for what your worth

Its more than your income thats low

It’s your integrity and self-worth

All walks of life in masses

Been through this, like birth

Employment to Incarceration

Free or Not

Cut corners to try and keep what they got.

The greedy hurt the needy

With no remorse

Like slaves doing chores

Just to get the dollar

To prevent their family from fuss and holler

To feed themselves they must submit

Only job they can not quit

Pay you minimums because they can

Work you like an old mule

Making use of your back and  hands

A dream keeps you fueled

Owning your own business and land

Dreams inherited from ancestors that didn’t make the band

Although they stand

In the shadows

Urging you on

Singing a song of freedom

Letting you know it won’t be too long

Right over the bend is your vision

If God is for you

How can you be wrong

I’ll be a slave to what’s mines

And no one else

Broke the chains

Now I work for self

Don’t be a Modern Day Slave for no one

Look past the stars for what’s yours.

Be brighter than the sun.

🔸The Ninth Poetess🔸

April 18,2021 Merry Sunday 🥳🥳🥳

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Versed in Piddle


 Chasing this alcohol with voids

Keeping the people I live with annoyed

Staying in the house

Corona Im trying to avoid

Keeping myself busy

Grandma and mom not here with me

Me and my aunt grieve thee

Alone but not alone, 

Family tree

Tree of Life

I Piddle No More

But, explore.

Looking for my place

Tears run down my face

Seen death too many times

Y’all left this earth with grace.

Had to brace myself for yalls transition

Realized my life is full of missions.

Started to live,

Gave myself permission.

To hear yalls voice again.

I would sit back and listen.

Piddling along in life till I see y’all again.

When it’s my time to go 

Call my next to kin

I’ll be next to kin again.

🌷The Ninth Poetess🌷

April 25,2021 It’s Sunday HeartBeats 💓

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Soul Survivor🥊💉🥃

Made it this far

It’s not my time to go

Got my vaccine coming

Im getting it fo sho

It’s been a year now

Scared out my witts


Trying to get over it

Four walls is what we get

Drinking tequila has me lit

If this vaccine doesn’t work 

Imma have a fit

Meanwhile trying to keep cool

Reaching for the stars

A shorty

Need a stool

Too old  to party.

Feel like a fool

Survivor of all odds

In some big girl shoes

Time to live

Push forward

Forget old news

Keep going

Don’t look back

Do what you do.

Soul Survivor.

🥊The Ninth Poetess🥊

May 2,2021 Merry Sunday

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Veg Head🥦🧄🧅🌶🥔

Heads of Cauliflower and Broccoli

Cut it up to feed my family

Boiled, raw, or roasted

In our belly

It kept us fed

Stir Fry mix and several shrimp

Sauteed it up 

Put it in my ramen cup

Soy Italian meatball

Italian night

When its done who do I call?

It’s so good it makes you wanna fight!

It’s a delight

Soy meatless crumbles

Sloppy Joes

It’s so good

Makes you tap your toes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Southern Charms

Be Careful from the hot grease

Or it will harm 

Zucchini bread for the veggie head

Butter up

Soft and moist

Pucker up

Lemon/Limeade  come to my aid

Add some Gin and catch a fade

Firecracker Potatoes

It is Lit

Add vegan links and eggs

It would be a hit

If you don’t eat garlic and onions 

I cant trust you

It flavors perfectly

It’s in everything that I do

What’s your favorite veggie?

Tonight, what’s the treat?

If your lucky

Veggies are all you need to eat!

Veg Head

💚The Ninth Poetess💚

May 3,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳🥳🥳

Hello Friends and HeartBeats Family. I have a treat this beautiful Monday morning. I have been working on edits and I thought it would be a treat to share a piece of Enaji-O ” The Adventures of Enaji” so you can get a feel of where my head is at these coming up days. I will keep you posted as I go through out this process ever so often. This is all Fictional. This is my Second Baby.

So This is:

Enaji-O ” The Adventure’s of Enaji”


I woke up Saturday to cigarette smoke and bacon cooking. What a lovely combination. If the smoking didn’t kill my grandmother, the bacon would clog her arteries and give her a heart attack or stroke, whichever one come first. I know, not a very nice thing to say about my grandmother, but it’s the truth. My name is Enaji Benson the granddaughter of Wilamena Benson and daughter of Alondra and Marcus Benson. Sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother, and waiting on her to finish cooking my eggs made me realize that my entire life was a blessing. I am skilled in a few things I do. I’m graduating from high school. I’m going to college. I have no children. I don’t even have a boyfriend, and this is something I choose not to have. I’m just preparing myself for a fun and exciting future and unseen adventure right here in the O.

Chapter One: Graduation Blues

After eating her  breakfast, Enaji and her grandmother talk about what she’s gonna do after she gets her diploma.

 “Naji, how many schools have you applied for?”  

  “Just one, the Liberal Arts College in Canada. They denied me a scholarship because of my grade point average,” 

“Well, you need to go to Community College until you have raised your G.P.A. Do you think you could go to Metro today? I will be willing to go with you. We could have lunch and go shopping, would you like that?,” Wilamena said while smiling and bating her eyes. 

“Sure,”  “I ain’t missing a chance to go shopping and out to eat,” Enaji said to herself. 

Enaji hasn’t really decided on what she wants to do yet. Her dream is to become a big time author of poetry and short stories, but no one could live off of that type of salary alone. She needs to have something to fall back on. She does hair and nails, but that’s not guaranteed work to be working here and there and now and again doing friends and family hair and nails charging what she charges. She normally charges thirty-five dollars for hair and forty for nails. Nails are so much more because the product cost money. Thirty-five dollars for a wash and flat iron. Thirty-five to Seventy-five dollars depending on what kind of style. Lots of customers get sewed in weaves, and then they want their weaves cut into a style. It seems that’s all she does now. She even has two men by the name of Pain and Knoxx. Pain gets his locks tightened and Knoxx gets his hair braided. When her grandmother is around Pain is known as Paris and Knoxx is known as Kenez.

Enaji finished her breakfast and now she’s getting dressed to go on an outing with her grandmother to MetroCollege. Enaji didn’t know they were open on Saturday. Sliding on her K-Swiss Classics Grandma hollered,

“You ready Naji?”

  “Yes ma’am!” Enaji hollered back while walking toward the back door.

 They headed out.

As Wilamena drove down Ames Avenue, Enaji wondered what she should take up. Should she take English first or should she take something else that she has no clue on? “I hope they have counselors to help me focus on what I want to do,” Enaji said. When she arrived at Metro campus she was in awe. It’s a community inside of a community. It all looked historical. The buildings were old but kept up to look new. When they parked she noticed the landscaping of the campus was immaculate. They have all kinds of different plants. Some she has never seen before. Wilamena said she was going to take a piece of one of the plants on the way out. Enaji told her don’t, she was going to embarrass her. Can you  see her out there digging up a piece of a plant and groundskeepers coming and bust her on her hands and knees, dirty, talking about , “I just wanted a piece.” When they entered the campus doors she couldn’t believe how many students she saw in there on a Saturday. You must have a passion for whatever it is you are trying to do in school on a Saturday.

They went into the counselor center, and the lady behind the desk asked,

“May I help you?”

“Yes.” I’m interested in coming to school here after I graduate. I need Financial Assistance to pay for classes.”

 She gave two forms to fill out and she told us to have a seat. 

“Naji, I’m so proud of you, Wilamena said.

 “I haven’t done anything yet,” 

 “I know, I’m just excited for you, that’s all.” 

Enaji whispered, “Grandma?”  

” What?” 

“Why do you have smoke all the time? Smoke is in my clothes and my hair,” Enaji said.

  Willamena said,” You won’t have to worry about my smoking when you get your own place, will you?” 

And she gave Enaji a messed up look. Wilamena could be a pistol sometimes. Their relationship is bitter-sweet. 

God sent an invisible angel down and it said to Enaji, “Peace be still.” 

Enaji joked with her and said,

 “Yeah, the basement”. 

“Girl, you must be out your rabbit  ass  mind,” and she smiled and laughed.  

“Naji, you’re getting out of my house!”

 “No I aint. Me and my husband will be living with you,” Enaji said laughing. 

” I will be dead and in my grave before that happens. You have many options. You can stay on campus here, Naji. Or I can take you down to OHA for housing Monday,” Wilamena said. “You need life experiences on your own, in your own place.”

Enaji is scared out of her mind to stay on her own. She’s graduating in a week.  She feels Wilamena is trying to get rid of her. Her grandmother is all she knows. 

 “Grandma, I ain’t going nowhere.”

📙The Ninth Poetess📙

May 10,2021 Merry Monday

This is a poem in Enaji-O “The Adventure’s of Enaji.” Enaji ( the protagonist) wrote this after an outing with her Grandmother. This chapter you will have to read when you purchase the book. I hope you enjoy the poem.

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Mesmerized Minds

From the time I seen your face 

I knew it was the time and the place 

To start melting

Can’t look into your eyes

Your body got me hypnotized 

Your voice gots me laced 

It’s so full of bass

I’m feeling misplaced in your space

Your beauty is full in my mind

My mind is mesmerized by your shine

You’re the quarter to my dime.

🛫The Ninth Poetess🛫

May 11, 2021 Merry Tuesday🥳

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Enaji-O “The Adventure’s of Enaji”

Chapter 4 Excerpt:

After hanging up the phone and putting on her Dark Denim Jean outfit and her gray flats and pink blouse and her black apron with “I Love Angels” on the front. 

Enaji goes downstairs and Paris and Knez are going at it and it’s not even 7 am yet.

 “What are you two fussing about now? It’s too early for this drama,”  Enaji said walking toward Pain  and her work station.

 Plugging in her blow dryer and adjusting the chair he’s in by pumping the lever down at the bottom of the beauty chair, she adjusted the chair to her liking. In the meanwhile, Pain and Knoxx are arguing about lost money and speaking in hood code. 

“You all are draggin it out, I can’t take it. What you fighting bout anyway?”Enaji said. 

Knoxx says,“That that child of God over there just lost like a pterodactyl.”  

Enaji, someone who has very little knowledge about the street and its lingo, had a feeling that that meant a lot of money or drugs was missing. Enaji says something to change the subject out of respect for her grandmother’s house. 

 “Now you know y’all have been best friends since Pre-K. Don’t do this to me.”  

Pain said, “Mommy what are we doing to you?”

“Going to make me result in violence too by smacking you both with my bible. It’s material!” 

Both Knoxx and Pain laughed. 

Pain said, “Mama, we don’t need you getting physical. Just do my split ends, okay. We cool.”  

Knoxx looked at Pain and asked himself , “How he can say that. Where are they going to get the money to replace what they lost?” 

Thinking to himself the same thing that motivates him also scares him pale. 

💛The Ninth Poetess💛

May 23, 2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🎉🎉🎉

Enaji-O “The Adventures of Enaji” is 🚧UNDER CONSTRUCTION🚧 Please excuse the Void in this space. This weekend a new story will replace Enaji-O while it’s getting worked on. it’s called :

Bossie ” An Omaha Love Story” Stay Tuned

I Appologize for the interruption.

You can still view Chapter 7 Excerpt with name changes in Post Archives May 23, 2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I hope you like. Enjoy🥰

📗The Ninth Poetess, LLC📗

May 29,2021

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Bossie “A Omaha Love Story”


Bossie Thompson is a 19 year old aspiring businessman. He’s just figuring out about life and what it means to live. He meets a girl named Cheyenne Parks. She is a 23 years old woman. They are both very attracted to each other and she’s scared because she doesn’t know if he’s legal or not to be with. But Cheyenne’s mother understands the age gap more than anybody. Robin Parks and her husband Donald Parks who’s a police officer are seven years apart. Cheyenne’s mom is his senior.  She’s also Native American and her husband is black. 

Bossie lives at home with his mother Olivia Thompson. She’s been a nurse for 20 years and she calls Bossie, Boss for short especially when she is upset at him. Olivia Thompson also has a daughter. She doesn’t live at home. Her name is Octavia Thompson. Her and Bossie smoke marijuana. Their mother hates it. But Bossie is going to surprise a lot of readers. Gizmo Jones is Bossie’s best friend and also a weed man to Bossie and his sister. Gizmo is 24 years old. Octavia has a crush on him. She’s 22 and works at Sho Yo Bizzness Hair Spa. 

Bossie, Cheyenne and Robin all work at DOTS SuperStore. Bossie has been working there for about a year and he’s been having his eye on Cheyenne ever since he got there. He hasn’t been speaking to her on any personal level, only store business. Both of them have been hiding their true feelings very well from each other.  Bossie is going to show a lot of chivalry that has been lost to many. While Cheyenne and Bossie prepare to float across the Omaha sky, Cheyenne’s father is preparing to do one of the biggest drug busts in Omaha. Gizmo and Bossie’s Sister may just be in the midst of the crossfire by chance. Car chases, murder and mayhem. Dope deals with romantic rendezvous. Jail cells to homes being built. From graduations to funerals to handcuffs, love is definitely worth the troubles of life and the troubles of the heart. Enjoy Bossie while he massages and pulls the strings to your heart. 

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

Chapter 1 Excerpt will be posted 5/30/2021 Stay Tuned

May 30,2021

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Bossie ” A Omaha Love Story”

Chapter 1 Excerpt

Chapter 1

Get Off My Back!

Bossie wakes up before his mother get up in the morning every day. He counts his money and smokes his weed out of a stone pipe, thinking about all the things he can buy. But really he wants to move out on his own and go to school. He wants to be a business man. 

“Five thousand nine hundred twenty-six, Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine dollars and fifty- six cents. Man, I need a side hustle,” Bossie said while counting.

 It’s close to 6 a.m.  Olivia Thompson, Bossie mother is walking around above his head. His bedroom is in the basement and he hears her in the bathroom while she plays her church music. 

Bossie hears his mom as she screams, “Boss, I’m going to kill you!!! Stop smoking them drugs in my house Boy!!!!” as she washes her face. 

Bossie rolls his eyes and lights incense. He hates smoking while incense is burning because he starts to taste the incense in his mouth. He doesn’t smoke in his car because of the police. To be honest he would make an excuse not to smoke outside on the back porch of his mother’s house too and to be honest Ms. Thompson wouldn’t want him smoking there either.

Olivia is listening to Mary Mary getting amped to get to work at the hospital.

 Bossie comes up the stairs and says, “Good morning beautiful, want something to eat?” 

 “Yes, I do. What you cooking?” Bossie mother asked. 

“Some eggs and toast,” Bossie said smiling with red eyes. 

“You need to Visine your eyes before you go into work and take a shower. You wreak of marijuana, Boss,” Olivia said with stern eyes sitting down at her kitchen table. 

“Momma, I got it,” Bossie said while scrambling the eggs.  

Olivia got up from the kitchen table and got the bread out for toast. She started helping Bossie with breakfast. 

“Boy you moving in slow motion. I got to be at work in 45 minutes,” Olivia said about to knock him down out the way.

 “Damn ma, you bout to knock me down. I’m trying to hook you up,” Bossie said laughing catching his balance.  

 “Boy, I will knock every last one of your teeth out with this fork if you ever cuss at me again,” Olivia threatened. 

Bossie just laughed so hard and long he could barely catch his breath. 

   “Them drugs are frying all your common sense.” 

“Alright momma, have a good day at work I don’t want you mad at me all day, you know I love you,” Bossie said as he hugged and kissed his mother. 

 “You aint going to   knock nothing out. I’ll tickle you to death and started laughing.

“Boy don’t play with me it’s too early for that. Unless you want to be gumming these cheesy eggs right now, I suggest that you change the subject again sweetness.”

“Man momma, you are hard core this morning, I love you though,” Bossie said while making an egg sandwich with his toast and eggs.

 Olivia also made herself an egg sandwich with her eggs and toast. While grabbing her things for work she told Bossie to wash the dishes.

 “Alright Momma, Love you,” he said while finishing his sandwich.

 “See you later on tonight, Be Good,” she said walking out the door. 

Bossie laughs to himself saying, “Mom is too hood for me today. Knocking my pearly whites out, I don’t even think so.”

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

June 6,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Bossie “A Omaha Love Story”

(The ending to Chapter 1, An Excerpt)

Bossie has his dreads in a ponytail and he scratches his head while he’s washing dishes and he starts thinking to himself, “Man, I need to get my dome did. Octavia better fit me in or I’m going bust her upside her head and she better do it for free. Heffa better not charge me for a thing.”

 Bossie calls his sister a heffa as a term of endearment playfully. It makes Octavia crack up every time he calls her one. 

Bossie is done with the morning dishes he runs down stairs and grabs his bath towels and body wash and his shower cap and his shea butter lotion.  He also grabs his School Boy Q Cd. He pops it in his mother’s cd player in the bathroom. He’s rapping along to his favorite  song. The song puts him in a trance to where he’s at work looking at his co-worker at a distance. Her caramel skin and beautiful curly hair and dimples floods his vision while he thinks about putting his head under the shower head to get the full effect of the hot water as the soap caress his dark brown ebony body. His 6’ 2’ medium muscular build is flawless he could be a model if he applied the business aspect to it.   

He gets out of the shower and he dries himself  really good and then he applies his shea butter lotion.  It goes on so smooth and his skin gets glossy and feels like silk. He starts to brush his teeth after he applies is lotion and start to think about his co-worker he has a crush on again. Thinking to himself, 

Yeah, I gotta get my breathe fresh just in case today is the day I catch ol’ girl slipping. She is going to slip right into my arms and on these big lips of mines. “  

 He kisses the air looking in the mirror as if to be kissing her, but visually kissing himself. 

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

July 3,2021

Hello everyone Freebie is here and I’m just trying somethings to get it to the masses. so bare with me.

August 25,2021

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

The Patience Of The Patients 

Pricking and Poking

Sugar Numbers better stay down

Watching what I eat

Love to eat and and drink

Love to get down

Taking the nasty pills

Saving sugar numbers

What a thrill not to be ill

Want a break from all communication

This program Im surely hating

Horrible past from dating

These doctor pump you full of drugs

None of them relating

How much can one take. 

Taking 50 different pills

Guinea Pig on the new sh** that they make.

At the Clinic ten times out of Seven days a week

I swear they love probing me

Taking away my sweet treats

Knock me over my head

They killing me

I’m the Patient and I got no patience

 I want to be Normal

Tired of waiting

I say I’m Cheap

Doctors  say your high maintenance 

Can’t keep up with my day

Trying to get away

Don’t want to die

Live Life

Do what you can

In your own way

The Ninth Poetess

September 7,2021

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story


No sugar for the Diabetic in me
Locked up only sugar could set me free
Working out a little at a time seem to work slowly
Trying to work this fat off so I don’t look like a rolly poley
Poking fingers, drawing blood didn’t know it had a number
Glad it does because I could be in an eternal slumber
Organs please don’t fail, too young to die now
Sugar crystalized don’t care who it cuts down
Sitting here bloated feeling like a cow.
If I die before my mom, she’s gonna clown.
Sugarfree everything, can I get sugar free from a bee?
If I could it would be no measuring, sugar just for me.

I’ll pay any fee.
Just to get something sweet

The Ninth Poetess

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