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Hello my name is The Ninth Poetess. I write some of everything. Right now my focus is Poetry. This particular book is the first of many. This book is Called ” Lifted Moon: the poems of: The Ninth Poetess” I have a Group called ” The North Omaha Writers Group I’ve started in December of 2018. And a lot has happened since then. From having my one year Anniversary of my Group, Losing my mother to Brain Cancer that stemmed from Breast Cancer and then COVID. I’ve had to find ways to keep my overall mission and platform going. I’ve met some amazing people along the way. And I have gained more followers/members than I have ever dreamed and its still growing. I am thoroughly Humbled for my friends and HeartBeats. HeartBeats because they keep me going. Join NOW GROUP Website. Get all updates and post. Stay Tuned for the New Release. It should be out in a month or 2 don’t quote me as we all know it’s all a process and be on the lookout for my other pages. Get everything from Writing Prompts to whats the latest in the writing community. Ill be in Touch.

What I do:
  • Write Poetry
  • Write Sweet Romance
  • Write Historical Fiction

  • Write Science Fiction
  • Write Spiritual Fiction
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March 28,2021 Merry Sunday 🤩

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Levels of Existence

Heavenly Father, Oh how you’ve made the sunshine down on these golden dandelions

Not a cloud in the sky

Plane glide through

God, looking up to you

This sun hit me like a brick wall.

Not moving

Instilled in me pages from your good book

I am grounded enough to have faith

God made black cats so who should be scared of that?

Respect all faiths,

So you’ll respect your own.

No fear, God is near

Even if I go to Hell and the Devil is on his throne

I will fear no evil

As this world has evil

I will live happily

As happy as babies are born

As happy as marriage bliss

Level out the craziness of this world

Love is what we all miss

Last days are near

Why make them sooner?

Leaders of Nations surging war!

Lord come get them and leave the rest of us

We not ready to go

Bless us who live in love not hate

Give us Nature, Life, and Spiritualness

Only things we need to exist

🟣The Ninth Poetess🟣

Disclaimer: * This is a older poem I’ve written some years ago I’m just adding it in Lifted Moon. This is in reference to the “Leaders of Nations surging war” line. No Wars Now. Knock on Wood.*

April 4,2021 Happy Easter Everyone 🐣🐰💛🧡💚💜

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Alaskan Dreams🐻🐻‍❄️🐋 ⛴ 🦌

On the ocean or the sea

Alaskan Dreams I want to see

Whale watching

Party of 3

Dry me up if they splash me

I don’t know if I can bear two types of bears.

Polar or Grizzly

I’m out of there

From a distance I stare,

At their beauty

Zoo’s isn’t fair

Nature gives them justice

I’m in their lair

Moose in the path, 

big as a truck

Staying out his way

It’s a BUCK!!!

Searching for his mate

It’s there, she awaits

He must fight his nemesis

The things he goes through for a date

Got daylight 24/7

Is it like this in Heaven?

Does this mean no sleeping?

Nothing gets past me

No sense in creeping

It’s hunting season

It’s Game I season

Smothered in my pot

Gravy thick, piping hot

To finish with the sky

A glow psychedelic like I’m high

As the mountains and the galaxy 

Came to visit

Little ol’ me

Alaskan Dreams

🟡The Ninth Poetess🟡

April 9, 2021

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

The Modern Day Slave

The Modern Day Slave is the color of the rainbows

When you don’t get paid for what your worth

Its more than your income thats low

It’s your integrity and self-worth

All walks of life in masses

Been through this, like birth

Employment to Incarceration

Free or Not

Cut corners to try and keep what they got.

The greedy hurt the needy

With no remorse

Like slaves doing chores

Just to get the dollar

To prevent their family from fuss and holler

To feed themselves they must submit

Only job they can not quit

Pay you minimums because they can

Work you like an old mule

Making use of your back and  hands

A dream keeps you fueled

Owning your own business and land

Dreams inherited from ancestors that didn’t make the band

Although they stand

In the shadows

Urging you on

Singing a song of freedom

Letting you know it won’t be too long

Right over the bend is your vision

If God is for you

How can you be wrong

I’ll be a slave to what’s mines

And no one else

Broke the chains

Now I work for self

Don’t be a Modern Day Slave for no one

Look past the stars for what’s yours.

Be brighter than the sun.

🔸The Ninth Poetess🔸

April 18,2021 Merry Sunday 🥳🥳🥳

Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Versed in Piddle


 Chasing this alcohol with voids

Keeping the people I live with annoyed

Staying in the house

Corona Im trying to avoid

Keeping myself busy

Grandma and mom not here with me

Me and my aunt grieve thee

Alone but not alone, 

Family tree

Tree of Life

I Piddle No More

But, explore.

Looking for my place

Tears run down my face

Seen death too many times

Y’all left this earth with grace.

Had to brace myself for yalls transition

Realized my life is full of missions.

Started to live,

Gave myself permission.

To hear yalls voice again.

I would sit back and listen.

Piddling along in life till I see y’all again.

When it’s my time to go 

Call my next to kin

I’ll be next to kin again.

🌷The Ninth Poetess🌷